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Shingle, Metal, Tile and TPO Roofing

Roof Inspection Services


In many cases, the insurance company has not allocated funds for the entire roof system for damages due to wind. Our inspection covers the entire roof, documenting the roof system and then referencing Florida Building Code to determine if you are due a new roof under Florida Law. We can help submit this report to the insurance and get the new roof you deserve.

Roof Repair Services


In Florida you can repair a small section less than 1 SQ of roof. We have local licensed roofers ready to repair in 5 days or less. Call now!

Shingle Roofing


Shingle Roofing is an economical choice, with new beautiful design element shingles. We use a GAF Master Elite roofing company and have special rates not available to retail customers. ServiSource manages the project and does not actually Install.

Tile Roofing


When you install a tile roof, you want a professional team on your project. We have a premier roofing crew which only installs tile in Florida. Contact us for local tile jobs you can visit to help you select a style and see our quality installation. All roofing work is performed by licensed Insured Fl contractors and ServiSource Does not actually install roofing.